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About Grip

Grip is web-based software that anyone can use to automatically generate visual content.

Every day people are confronted with an endless flood of images. For marketers, creating the right visual content at the right time and in the right quantity is not easy. Trade-offs between speed, scale, and quality occur often – but shouldn’t have to be made.

Grip turns the days- or weeks-long process of visual content creation into one that takes a matter of minutes. This is all done at scale, and while maintaining the level of quality people expect. Using Grip, brands and agencies simply generate.

Our story

Grip was born out of the R&D team at INDG, a company of CGI specialists developing technology to create engaging product experiences by combining the science of technology with the artistry of computer-generated content. The patented technology behind Grip captures INDG’s 15 years of experience with computer-generated graphics and 3D technology.

But it was also born out of serendipity.

We heard our clients describe their ideal solution for creating visual content, so we built it. And we knew there was nothing else like it. We then let Grip grow and shape itself into the software it is today, where our mission is to simplify the creation of relevant visual content.

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