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Marketers must simplify the creation of visual content

Katherine Buchholz May 23, 2018

Imagine you have a product.

And that product is sold across 16 countries.

With an additional 10 variations in each country.

Each individual SKU needs to be marketed to the exact right audience.

This requires images and other visual content for a variety of marketing channels.

This demand, the demand for visual content, has exploded with the growth of e-commerce and digital marketing.

It’s (nearly) unmanageable.

A few selections in Grip and this visual content will be automatically generated:

Why marketers need to simplify the creation of visual content

Katherine June 16, 2018

Grip’s mission is to simplify the creation of relevant visual content.

Everyday people are confronted with more images of products that don’t relate to them. What began as a trickle in the early days of the internet has become a daily flood of visual content that people see across hundreds of channels. But how do all of these images and videos get created?

Grip strives to enable anyone to create the right visual content at the right time for any situation. Using its web-based software, Grip users automatically generate photorealistic visual content based on a 3D model of a physical product.

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