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It’s simple: anyone who needs visual content.
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E-commerce marketers

100% on-brand packshots, created at scale

Creating packshots shouldn’t be hard. Automatically generate more images for every product (and variation), which are 100% consistent and automatically sized to meet retailer requirements. 

Digital marketing
Digital marketing Who is for third section image

Photorealistic visuals, no photoshoot required

Focus time on executing campaigns, not creating visuals. Instead deliver images faster than a photoshoot, create images ahead of go-to-markets, and maintain brand consistency everywhere. 

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Deliver more images to clients, faster

For agencies wanting to grow, automating image creation helps to deliver images in hours (not days or weeks), react to real-time events, and increase capacity – which means more images and more clients. 

Who is for third section image

“Still Shots helped us to produce hundreds of images for Facebook and Instagram with great quality – and consistently so.

They have been always on-brand even when the bottle is shown within complicated scenes or environments.”  

Rob van Griensven
Head of Media, Sponsoring & CRM at Heineken
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