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Marketing Internship

August 15, 2018

Grip is a young service, but it has already attracted clients like Heineken, Nivea, Arla, and more.

It was launched by INDG to substantially automate visual things for manufacturers of physical goods.

What’s Grip?

Grip is web-based software that automatically generates visual content. It’s based on photorealistic 3D, capitalizing on INDG’s fifteen-year-long experience in that field. 3D is good because once your beer or your juicer or your rocket is on Grip, it can be used and re-used for multiple media: images, videos, iOS apps, and such.

What’s inside Grip?

One can imagine that Grip is rather complex: it needs to render things quickly and photo-realistically, which presupposes some heavy engineering. But it’s not just that. Companies like Nivea or L’Oréal produce thousands of products and images in tens of countries. The relations between everyone have to be managed within Grip. Who sees which images? Who’s eligible to call shots on creative aspects of what is being produced? Which countries should access which 3D products? It is a sophisticated system and so it needs sophisticated software development.

To reach the desired outcome it is essential to fully understand our platform and our client’s needs to make sure they extract the best value from our product. You are responsible for the structured approach of the project and you will ensure there is well-scheduled project planning. Managing expectations and providing clear communication to the project stakeholders are key parts of your daily tasks. You must understand web-based technologies as some onboarding projects might also include integration of our SaaS platform with clients’ existing systems.

The internship

Our marketing team is a vibrant place. We are a tight team with a lot to do. And there is a lot more we want to do. As a part of this team, you can be involved in world class projects for global brands and test yourself and your ambitions in an exciting environment. We expect that on the completion of your internship you will have gained extensive marketing experience and developed as both a team player and a star performer.

We have three core internship roles available. Our roles allow you the opportunity to shape what you do to be most effective. The core roles are:

1. Social Media and Digital Support
2. PR and Event Support
3. Content Creation and General Support

  • You will be working with us to refine our communication strategy, including updating and supporting our content plans for all Grip social media and digital touch points. You will monitor trends, create and post content, manage promo campaigns, analyse and track usage data, and feed your ideas into our continuing goals of excellent communications and building of relationships.
  • You will play a crucial role in supporting and monitoring our marketing calendar, tracking project and product updates, supporting the teams in preparing press materials as well as organizing and attending events. This includes supporting our existing press relationships, while also building up further contacts and expanding the network of Grip.
  • You will support the marketing team in creating content and materials to show our skills to the world. You should be able to handle basic image and video editing on your own, understand the basics of brand and style guides – most critically the Grip style guide – with a natural sense of aesthetics and framing. You should be capable of playing with words, capturing meaningful event photos and video to later be used in press materials.

Our vision of suitable candidates for all of the three roles are individuals who comprehend what is being asked of them, but also understand what needs to be done to deliver above expectations. Within a few weeks of starting, we expect you to proactively discover solutions, voice your opinions and suggestions on how we can improve, volunteer to own tasks you know you can do, and volunteer to own tasks you can’t do to learn how to do them.

The marketing team is a professional environment where quality, respect, and passion are standard traits. This is B2B marketing where you will be expected to be hands on with every project you work on. And we love to laugh, so having a great sense of humor and ability to tell a joke is definitely an advantage. You will receive a lot of responsibility from the team, and a lot of support to succeed in delivering excellent work.

The internship is located in Amsterdam for 4 – 6 months, 32 or 40 hours per week. Grip will pay compensation during this period.


  • 3rd or 4th year student at University (of applied sciences) level
  • Good written and oral communication skills in English
  • Demonstrable skills related to the internship role you are applying for
  • Capacity to absorb and use knowledge from team and management feedback
  • Ability to solve problems you have never encountered before
  • Understanding of what marketing and communication really is
  • Opinionated about the value of social media
  • Useful experience of computers, tablets, and smartphones
  • The ability to impress and surprise us


Please apply through the link below.

If you would like to make your application a bit more unique, we would like to receive a video (under 1 minute) in which you tell a more about yourself and why you are the intern we are looking for! You can share this video through a WeTransfer link, together with your resume by sending an email to

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our HR Department at +31 (0) 20 488 9696 or

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